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ICG for Ukraine

Letter of Appreciation

Celje, August 9th, 2023

Dear Sponsors of the “ICG for Ukraine” Project,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the support you have given towards the “ICG for Ukraine” Project both in cash and kind.

The idea for “ICG for Ukraine” was seeded in November 2022 by some members of the ICG Executive Committee and we felt the need to focus our efforts on the children in Ukraine, particularly our member city of Uzhhorod, as they have been going through tremendous hardship and it was felt that organising a football competition for them would elevate their spirits.

With the sponsorship money raised from all of you, we covered the transport of teams to Uzhorod, accommodation, meals, sports clothing, caps, backpacks, cups for all the 6 teams and new footballs for every team plus special awards for outstanding players. The 6 teams that competed were Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro-Vasylkivka, Kyiv, Lviv, and Uzhhorod. Competitions were held in two stadiums, Avtomobilist and Avangard. The organizers of the tournament were the ICG Committee and the Department of Culture, Youth, and Sports of the Uzghorod City Council and collectively, they managed to give all players a memorable competition which they will treasure all their lives.

Overall, the team from Lviv emerged as the winner, the silver medal went to Zaporizhzhia, and the bronze stayed with the host city, Uzhhorod. The fourth place went to the team from Odesa, while the fifth place was secured by the team from Kyiv, and the sixth place went to the team from Dnipro-Vasylkivka. It was heart-warming to see smiles and joy on the children’s faces regardless of the final result.

The closing ceremony was very emotional, because all the athletes and coaches received medals, special shirts to commemorate this tournament and at the end there was a group photo with all relevant parties: athletes, coaches, heads of delegations, Uzhhorod city representatives and all ICG members.

I personally witnessed the joy and happiness shown by all the coaches and the players. I also witnessed the friendships that developed between the players from the different cities. The competition was played in good spirit and the thrill and spills of sport really helped distract the children from the harsh conditions they are presently going through as a result of the war.

On behalf of all the participants and the entire ICG committee, I would like to thank you once again for your kind sponsorship and support for this worthwhile project. Do note that any surplus funds that we have accumulated will be kept aside and used to fund similar projects in the future.

Best wishes


Leon, Mexico

July 15-20, 2024

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